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Spring limited edition!

Spring Awakening no. 930
Green Spring no. 933
Spring Fruit Tea no. 1471

MATCHA - A Natural Energy Drink. Tea Accessories.



Matcha Kei


Matcha Bowl Seafoam


Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Limited Edition Teas

These are trend/new teas that have been just released from production. Every 2 months a new tea is being introduced to the market and only successful sellers will be added to the regular assortment.

Blueberry White Tea no. 1620
Earl Grey Choco Berry no. 1619
Mango Rosemary no. 1616

Maple Walnut Tea no. 1623
Strawberry-Bamboo no. 1609
Kiwi Gooseberry no. 1615
Rooibush Pumpkin no. 1611
Midsummer no. 1621