Assam Marangi SFTGFOP 1

Assam Marangi SFTGFOP 1

Generous malted notes of barley and an ale-like fruity depth lead the way, reinforced by a cast of notes ranging from caramel to Brazil nuts. Astringency in just the right measure ensures balance on your palate. An indisputable, unforgettable tour de force.

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5 stars title= Best breakfast tea, 28th Nov 2014

Reviewer: Maura High

This tea has all the sturdy body, rich aroma, and refreshingly astringent taste one hopes for in a classic Indian tea. It is surprisingly strong: one teaspoon per 8 fl oz water, plus (if you are making it in a pot, and I hope you are), one for the pot. Steep for 3 or 4 minutes, and it'll also yield a second, weaker but still delicious tea. If you add milk for the first steeping, as I do (2 percent), it will not be a dark caramel brown, but a lighter more butterscotch one.

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5 stars title= Superb Assam, 27th Sep 2011

Reviewer: Frederick Pfaff

The Marangi second flush Assam tea offered here is indeed exceptional. It yields a relatively dark brew which translates into a richness of flavor rather than harshness. As it cools the flavor becomes softer and more nuanced. Aroma is quite wonderful.

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