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Mulled Wine Spice Blend org.

Just the boost needed for making the ideal Glühwein- the famous German holiday treat of warmed wine spiked with orange ...

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The Romans made crowns from it. Let there be no doubt, Peppermint is King among herbals. The contrast of hot and cool is...

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Pure Happiness

Uncover your inner happiness and indulge your cup and palate with this blissfully minty blend.

Ingredients: Lemon balm...

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Popular in Europe as part of a detoxifying ritual, this balanced blend of herbs accented with lavender and nettle will l...

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Raspberry Leaves

A staple of the herbalist’s tea collection, the leaves of the famous plant are mildly astringent with vegetal notes of...

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Sleep tight Tea

Sweet dreams are yours with the calming, light citrus embrace of lemon balm and lemon grass.

Ingredients: Lemon balm l...

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Sweet Tooth

The herbaceous edge of sage in medley with cooling mint and calming camomile. Sure to satisfy more than your sweet tooth...

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Verbena Tea

Wildly popular in France for its zesty bright notes of lemon, this herb was once named in honor of a Spanish queen. An e...

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