Adored around the world for its warming, piquant bite, ginger has been consumed as an herbal tea for millennia. Traditionally, ginger is prized as a remedy against stomach ache, nausea and the common cold.

Ingredients: Ginger root.

100 Grams Per Box

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5 stars title= Gingery, 31st Oct 2012

Reviewer: Donna Benarey

I love this tea. It is the most potent that I have ever tasted other than using fresth ginger to make the tea. Very good for the digestion and warms to tummy on a cold afternoon or evening a big meal. Very enjoyable. I drink it without milk or sugar.

5 stars title= healthy, 5th Jul 2011

Reviewer: James A Cousins

it's quite drinkable with milk instead of water

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