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Anise Caraway Fennel

A warm, aromatic trio that recalls sweet licorice. A composition of “seeds”—actually fruits—that have been rever...

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Fresh from the garden, this aromatic classic is just as you remember it. Sweet and warming at first glance, Applemint fi...

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Camomile Blossom Tea

Full camomile blossoms infuse your cup with a warm honey glow and a soothing aroma. How good is this tea? Eastern Europe...

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Chocolate Enlightenment

Spicy chai with a touch of chocolate. A naturally caffeine free composition of some of the world's most treasured flavor...

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Early Riser

Imagine the first warming rays of the sun cutting through the crisp morning air and sparkling in the heavy dew. Breath d...

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This herbal chai blend has all the spice but leaves behind the tea for a naturally caffeine free treat. Brilliant with a...

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Adored around the world for its warming, piquant bite, ginger has been consumed as an herbal tea for millennia. Traditio...

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Gourmet Herbal Tea

Lemon myrtle and lemon grass add a kiss of creamy citrus to a sugary vanilla background.

Ingredients: Lemon grass, lem...

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Grandpa Harmsen

Coriander, licorice and cinnamon satisfy in this sweet and spicy herbal blend.

Ingredients: Coriander, fennel, ginger, ...

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Greek Mountain Tea

From the slopes of the Taygetos Mountains to your teacup, this traditional Mediterranean tisane possesses an herbaceous ...

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Herbalists' Favorite

A little bit sweet, a little bit tart—this balanced blend was built to unite herbal tea fans everywhere.


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Herbalists' Good Morning

Rise and shine with the tartness of hibiscus, the spark of green mate and the invigorating chill of peppermint.


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Hibiscus Blossoms

Tart and sweet, the infusion of these crimson flower petals is adored round the world. The finest, Grade A African Hibis...

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Late Summer Love

Fall in love with this cooling, minty blend married with sweet rose and clover. Try unsweetened or with honey.


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Lemon Grass

The remarkably creamy note of fresh citrus driven by the essential oil Citronella—a treat immediately familiar to thos...

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