O’Sullivan’s Favourite

O’Sullivan’s Favourite

The Irish are among the most prolific tea drinkers in the world, enjoying strong and robust teas daily. We salute them with our Irish Breakfast blend—a hearty machine processed CTC (Cut, Tear, Curl) from the premier tea garden in Burundi. Boldly spicy and aromatic, it carries considerable heft. Excellent with milk.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

4 stars title= Good for breakfast!, 8th May 2017

Reviewer: Stephanie Martin

Really good! I didn't think this was as strong as the English 5 o'clock, which mans that the flavor is a little smoother, though I thought it got buried a little bit when mixed with milk.

5 stars title= Every morning, 20th Oct 2014

Reviewer: Justin Henderson

Robust, warm, rich -- perfect start to every morning.

5 stars title= Great Black Tea, 4th Sep 2014

Reviewer: Kurt Jahrling

True full bodied tea that will contend with the coffee drinker part of you...

5 stars title= O'Sullivan's Favorite, 5th Aug 2014

Reviewer: Laurel Dreher

I thought I was an Earl Gray junkie for my morning fix, but I've just been converted to the Irish. O'Sullivan's is full bodied, smooth, deep taste. Consistent in flavor. My current favorite.

5 stars title= good start, 11th Apr 2014

Reviewer: George Crossland

Good strong tea to start the morning.

5 stars title= deep tea, 7th Mar 2014

Reviewer: Dale Emmart-Lieberman

O'Sullivan's Favorite black tea is no nonsense....a deep satisfaction tea anytime of day or night

5 stars title= O'Sullivan's Favorite, 19th Feb 2013

Reviewer: Jo Ann Crowley

Absolutely LOVE this tea. Bought it in New York and can't live without it now.

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5 stars title= O'Sullivan's Favorite, 2nd Jun 2012

Reviewer: Regina Alice Schroeder

More than a substitute for coffee. Nourishing, strengthening, and fortifying, This is why they rave about tea.

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