Permanent Teafilter Small

Permanent Teafilter Small

This small permanent teafilter is ideal for small mugs and pots of tea. The fine mesh retains even the smallest pieces of leaf. The lid keeps your tea warm while steeping and serves as a convenient stand to keep your filter from dripping.

6 cm (2.36 in.) diameter and 7.5 cm (2.95 in.) tall

Item#: 003130

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5 stars title= Makes paper filters unneccessary, 9th Apr 2013

Reviewer: Emily Netteler

Before I owned this permanent filter, I always twisted up a paper filter for my tea. No need anymore! This filter never lets tea fragments into my cup, is extremely easy to clean, and is surprisingly durable!

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5 stars title= Tea filter small, 14th Jan 2013

Reviewer: Kevin O'Chap

The best filter I've ever owned. Wish I would have found one years ago! Great product!

5 stars title= permanent filter, 24th Feb 2012

Reviewer: Patricia Minors

Perfect. Brews anything and cleans effortlessly. Not messy or drippy as the top serves as its saucer. It's big enough to give the tea room to brew, much better than a paper bag. Fits teapots, mugs, and fine china teacups. Love it.

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5 stars title= Fabulous filter, 10th Dec 2011

Reviewer: Theresa Nelson

I love this filter. It fits a small pot and most mugs perfectly. It is so nice to enjoy a cuppa without any dregs. It cleans easily without any stuck leaves. The filter makes loose tea all the more enjoyable.

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