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Since Albert Gschwendner founded the company, acting responsibly towards humans and nature is an existential part of the company’s culture. Being sustainable has become our fundamental attitude to combine entrepreneurial actions with moral values.

Our history shows the constant development from a traditional tea trade to a value-oriented tea trading company with complex business ideas / -fields and a huge diversity of cooperation partners.

Interactive exchange with all participants along the value chain

The structure of the TeaGschwendner franchise system, with its form of organization and integration of franchise partners in development processes is particularly important. What is unique, however, is the interactive exchange between the people in the countries of origin who make our tea, the people who buy the tea, and those who sell it enthusiastically in their tea shops. Numerous trips to the tea gardens around the world have given us insight into the challenges involved at the teas origin and vice versa. This insight allows us to successfully communicate the complex requirements of the western world in regards to food safety to the tea farmers in the countries of origin.

An important building block on the path to sustainability is the further development of our product range to include more products from organic cultivation and with our own projects, in producing countries, through which we can provide direct, concrete development assistance, in the best sense.


In 2017 we received the Green Franchise Award for our commitment as a particularly sustainable franchise system. The jury described TeaGschwendner as a role model for ecology, economy, culture and social issues that consistently implements the holistic sustainability approach throughout the company.

Since October 2019, TeaGschwendner has been actively participating in the GLS KlimaProtect programme and thus handles its parcel shipping via General Logistics Systems Germany GmbH & Co. OHG in a climate-neutral manner. The CO2 emissions generated during parcel transport are offset by investments in an externally certified forest protection and reforestation project (VCS/CCB standard). 

The TeaGschwendner sustainability bud

Our diverse activities on our way from garden to cup are visualized in our sustainability bud (an illusion to two leaves and a bud). The sustainability bud represents our three main focus points and underlines our current and future corporate activities with economical, ecological and social results.


For You

We take responsibility for flawless products.

We accompany our tea through a continuous chain of stringent quality control measures to ensure the high quality of our products.


For Us

We achieve value by appreciation.

Our employees and franchisees are important to us, because they are crucial to our success. Therefore we emphasize health and security on the job.


In the Origin

We value real partnerships.

Long-term and close relationships with partners along the supply chain are an important element of our quality assurance concept and a main part of the TeaGschwendner philosophy.

Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to packaging, product protection for TeaGschwendner comes first. It is our aim to guarantee the highest product safety and best taste and to use environmentally friendly packaging materials as far as possible.

It is a great challenge to reconcile these two approaches. Nevertheless, in order to find suitable packaging solutions in a dynamic market with constantly new possibilities and developments, we work together with renowned partners from the packaging industry.

Forest_Stewardship_Council_Logo_kleinerFor wood and paper products, we take care to use FSC-certified goods whenever possible. By using FSC-certified wood and paper products, we make a conscious decision to use forest resources sparingly. The aim of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is to promote environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forestry worldwide.

In addition, we deliberately use the scope for the use of recycled and recyclable materials for products for which product protection requirements permit.

For enjoying tea responsibly with every cup!

New Packaging for MasterBag Pyramid

When developing the new MasterBag Pyramid range, the focus was not only on a fresh, modern look, but also on the desire for more sustainability in packaging. The new packaging material comes mainly from renewable raw materials and FSC-certified materials. This enabled us to achieve several positive effects at once:

"The aim was to realign the packaging with sustainability, product protection and environmental aspects in mind and to create a fresh design for the relaunch. In addition to better handling and optimum aroma protection, the new materials also enhance the taste experience in the cup even further." (Managing Director and Chef-Tea Taster Thomas Holz)

MasterBag Pyramid by TeaGschwendner

Sustainable aroma protective cover of the MasterBag Pyramid by TeaGschwendner

Sustainable pyramid bag by TeaGschwendner

Cardboard box: made from FSC mix of responsibly managed forests and controlled origin.

Aroma protection cover: consists of 88% paper. The paper also comes from certified responsible forestry (FSC®). 

Pyramid bags: made of 100% biodegradable plastic (industrially compostable according to European standard EN 13432).

With the barrier paper, we have fortunately found a paper-based solution for the aroma protective covers of the new pyramid bags. Thanks to its integrated barrier functionality, the functional paper does not require any additional special coatings or laminations. This is in line with our customers' wishes and our own claim to use an alternative to films and plastics. At the same time, the barrier paper offers a high degree of security, so that product protection is also optimally guaranteed:

"Product protection is our top priority. After all, it is about the health of our consumers and the protection of valuable goods, in which many precious resources are already tied up." (Managing Director and Tea Taster Jonathan Gschwendner)

Another reason for us to choose the paper-based solution was that the packaging material is mainly made from renewable raw materials. The functional paper is made of 88% FSC-certified paper, which protects valuable forest resources. In addition, the lower C02 emission during production compared to other alternative materials such as aluminium composites was an important decision criterion. Independent measurements by Ecoinvent have shown that our paper-based barrier solution of 157 g/m2 C02 emits only half as much C02 during production as the aluminium-coated, fossil-based composite solution of 313 g/m2 C02.