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Almond Milk


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"Latte di Mandorla" of the Mediterranean meets Honeybush of South Africa. Yummy! Ingredients: Honeybush tea, almond bits, natural flavor, white cornflower blossoms, and marigold.
Tip: 3g ( 1 level teaspoon) per 8oz cup of filtered, boiling water. Allow to brew 10 min

*Contains Nuts (and products thereof)

Customer Reviews

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Still my favorite!, 15th Feb 2021

Reviewer: Marian Lawlor

This is the best non-caffeinated tea. I enjoy it plain, with sweetener, and with creamer. My go-to these days.

Best tea, 12th Oct 2020

Reviewer: Noy Bar

I love this tea. It taste wonderful, full of aroma and works well with honey, brown sugan or plain. My favorite.

Nice, 2nd Aug 2018

Reviewer: Rachel Naipaul

This is a nice blend, with nice aroma and nice taste.
I feel the almond flavour could possibly be amped up a bit more, but don't know how TG would achieve that using only natural ingredients. I'd like it to be as flavourful as the "Smooth Strawberry Dream" Honeybush tea.
However, for a Honeybush tea, it is good, and nicely flavoured.
I'll be repurchasing this, for variety in my Honeybush teas, and because it is indeed nice.
Cheers TG <3

Very smooth, 17th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Tiffany Lee

This is one of my favorite non-caffeinated teas. I love it hot with raw cane sugar and a touch of almond milk. The almond flavor is very balanced. I continue to order it repeatedly and recently ordered it as a gift for a friend.

mild, 27th Jul 2014

Reviewer: Ritu Puppala

tried this both hot and iced. Because it has a very mild flavor, I preferred it hot for the flavor, in particular the almond, to shine.

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