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Anise Caraway Fennel


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A warm, aromatic trio that recalls sweet licorice. A composition of “seeds”—actually fruits—that have been revered for their aid in digestion for millennia.

Ingredients: Anise, caraway and fennel.

100 Grams Per Box

Customer Reviews

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The best for an upset stomach, 1st Dec 2020

Reviewer: Henriette Haigh

It's the best if you have an upset stomach or just need something to calm you. It tastes so good, you will want to drink it all the time :)

Good for tummy, 29th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Marsha Frederick

I used to drink fennel for stomach issues but this has replaced fennel tea which doesn’t have a very appealing flavor on its own. The combination is tasty and soothing.

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So good and good for me, 6th Aug 2014

Reviewer: Debra Wendt

I cannot fathom a better tea of this sort. Anise, Caraway and Fennel are well known for their calming, stomach soothing, toxin removing qualities. I think this tea calms hunger pains and is good for oral health as well.

And, the flavor of Tee Geschendner's Anise, Caraway, Fennel tea is truly remarkable. It is so flavorful and wonderful drinking it is like having a snack. I cannot find these three spices anywhere else as fragrant and delicious as those in this particular blend.

I'm a repeat buyer of this tea and will continue to be so. I've found nothing to compare anywhere else that comes even close to the quality and flavor of the Anise, Caraway, Fennel tea sold by Tee Geschwendner.

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Spirit Soothing, 22nd Jul 2014

Reviewer: Debra Wendt

Anise, caraway and fennel are soft spices. They have been used to help babies be happy and calm in Germany and other parts of Europe for probably thousands of years. The anise, caraway, and fennel are stomach soothing, nerve calming, and they put me in a state of mind I don't find elsewhere. The scent from the cup is aromatherapy in the best way.
Before brewing, I crush the seeds in a granite pestle for a bit to open up the flavor a bit more. This step is not necessary because this tea contains most fragrant seeds I've ever experienced. I prefer to release even more of their goodness in the infusion.

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