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Arabian Night


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Jasmine, sunflower and rose enchant your senses. It isn’t difficult to imagine a thousand more cups as lovely as the very first.

Ingredients: Green tea from China, black tea from India, Sri Lanka and China, rose blossoms, jasmine blossoms, sunflower blossoms and flavor.

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One of my Favorite teas, 25th Nov 2020

Reviewer: Anna Garza

Arabian Night is - dare I say - a perfect combination of teas and flowers. It begins with a delicious smell and ends with a unique taste.. I do not really have a favorite tea because there is just so much great quality tea,especially at TeaGschwendner. But this one is definitely on the top list! I will keep ordering it,along with others.

Lovely aroma and flavor., 20th Oct 2020

Reviewer: Linda Wallo

The aroma of flowers is so pleasant. A wonderful tea to have on a chilly day. Arabian Nights is one of my favorites that I order frequently. A wonderful blending of teas that equals great flavor.

Arabian Night, 9th May 2020

Reviewer: Dorothee Hoehn

Wonderful aroma and flavor. One of my favorites.

My first love, 17th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Tiffany Lee

Arabian Night was the first TG tea I had and I fell in love instantly. At the time I was new to loose tea and had just ordered from another supplier. I've been a loyal TG customer for years and it all began with this tea. Everyone who tries it wants their own bag. It's the one tea I've ordered the most as a gift.
The smell is absolutely captivating and it translates well to the actual flavor. I usually have it with raw cane sugar and a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Arabian Night, 13th Oct 2015

Reviewer: Jan Weimar

Great way to start my day. The aroma is enticing, wakes up my energy. I love this tea.

Arabian Night, 23rd Nov 2014

Reviewer: Catherine Westerberg

My absolute favorite tea!!! I find the jasmine and rose flower additions subtle but enhance the tea greatly. Just remember to not steep for longer than 5 minutes.

Arabian Night, 22nd Oct 2014

Reviewer: Leon Loughridge

My new favorite Tea. So subtle and refreshing in the morning. And a wonderful treat chilled

Rejuvenating fragrance and taste, 22nd Jul 2014

Reviewer: Adityaa Vaidyanathan

The infusions of the flowers makes this tea a delight and refresh my senses! The sweet fragrance nicely compensates the bitter taste of the green/black tea.A must have!

relaxing, 11th Apr 2014

Reviewer: George Crossland

Great to sip in the evening before going to bed.

Very interesting flavor, 6th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Carol Schweitzer

I love the interesting blend of this tea and I'm sure it will becme one of my favorites. My husband liked it, too.

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Flower Power, 30th Nov 2012

Reviewer: Rachel Shadel

This tea smells very strongly of the sunflower and rose petals, and it tastes like it, too. I like the mix of green and black tea, but I think the rose sunflower and rose petals are a bit too strong in this tea--I can barely taste the jasmine. It's a good tea for those who are a fan of rosepetals, however.

My Favorite, 27th Sep 2010

Reviewer: Tanya Raz

This is the best smelling tea I have ever had, and this is my solid go to. Nice mix of flowers, especially Jasmine that smells so exotic, and nice blend of black tea and green teas. Very well balanced flavor and the smell just makes this my favorite tea hands down.

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