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Assam CTC BOP1 Jamguri SF


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The smaller cut leaf gives this robust Assam an even chocolate color and granular shape. Machine processed CTC ( Crush, Tear & Curl) teas make dependable breakfast companions and stand up well to milk and sugar.
Tip: 3g tea leaves (1 heaping teaspoon) per 8oz. cup of filtered, boiling water. Allow to brew 4 min.

Customer Reviews

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Tasty Assam, 20th Aug 2020

Reviewer: Alexandra Ranieri

This is a wonderful, robust Assam tea, but with enough delicate notes to keep it interesting! Go-to breakfast tea. And it was sent with a little thank-you card, as well as a free sample! Too nice!

Migraine buster, 18th Aug 2020

Reviewer: Rhonda Sarver

While I do very much enjoy drinking this tea just for a cuppa, I often use it in addition to or instead of pain relievers to help banish migraines and lesser headaches. I steep it STRONG and then tame it with a bit of half and half. If it wants a fifth star from me, though, it needs to find a way to amp up the maltiness I expect in a good assam.

Excellent Tea, Excellent Service, 17th Apr 2020

Reviewer: Jeffrey Guimond

This tea is our greeting to a new day each morning, and it's always a charm. Many thanks to TG for exceptional products and, as always, exceptional service!

Clearly an exception!, 17th Feb 2020

Reviewer: Miriam Paeslack

I am relieved to report that my last review (November 2019) about a weak batch of this tea was only true for this one delivery. I just received my new order and see that it is back to its trusted high quality. I should also point out that the customer service by Tea Gschwendner was exceptional.

Usually excellent, but noticeably weaker last batch!, 4th Nov 2019

Reviewer: Miriam Paeslack

I have bought this tea for years and rely on its great strong Assam aroma. However, the last delivery is noticeably weaker. Using the exact same brewing time and tea amount, the tea is less aromatic and tastes less fresh. I very much hope this is an exception and I got the last scraps of a big batch that turned a bit stale.

Best black tea, 10th Jul 2019

Reviewer: Deborah Mulford

I have been getting this black tea for years. I have tried other more expensive black teas and keep coming back to this one. Except for a high tea experience, I have never experienced such amazing tasting teas.

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Subtle malty mellow aroma and smooth taste, 25th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Mary Ann Yedinak

When I need a midmorning break, I often turn on the water and prepare my strainer with the loose leaf Assam CTC BOP1. A few crystals of rock sugar or a drizzle of honey accentuates the tea, as does a splash of milk or cream. Fine to enjoy by the cup itself or with a biscuit/cookie that is only slightly sweet. This is also a tea that tops off a meal and invites others to sit and chat awhile as a pot of tea is shared by all. A wonderful addition to any lover of fine black teas!

A good wake-me-up morning tea., 1st May 2018

Reviewer: Suzette Raugh

One of my favorite sipping in the morning teas.......I have steeped it twice and used less water the 2nd time and been very happy with the results. Good on it's own, with lemon and a bit of sugar. I think TeaG teas are best drunk on their own, without any food to "corrupt" the taste the first time around......otherwise you miss the distinct nuances of each different type.

Surprise, 31st Aug 2015

Reviewer: Yuko Taylor

Very fragrant for the price I pay - I am happy with this Ananda Assam tea. For Assam, not bitter, classy, and satisfying for the morning milk tea. Although, I will not brew a second cup. First brew is wonderful.

Good tea, 31st Aug 2015

Reviewer: Yuko Taylor

Very easy cup of Assam Tea. Great with milk in the morning to go -

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