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Assam Kaziranga SF organic


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An excellent and uthentic summer harvest from controlled biological cultivation with full-bodied, malty-soft notes and chestnut-colored cup.

The Indian rhinos live in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal and India. Due to their deep wrinkles, it appears as if the rhino wear armor; hence the reason for their colloquial name «armored rhino». However, this carapace can not protect the Indian heavyweights from losing their habitat and the poaching of their horns for illegal sale. Brutal poaching and trafficking threatens the extinction of the last 3,500 animals. TeaGschwendner and NABU take protective measures to ensure the survival of the rhinos in its stronghold in the state of Assam, especially in the Kaziranga National Park. Part of the project is the active fight against poaching. By enjoying our tea, you support natural and environmental protection projects of the NABU in India: For each 250g package sold, 1.00 Euro will be donated to NABU.

Sold unit 250g/8.81oz
Makes an estimated 70-80 cups of tea.

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