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Blood Orange Organic


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Grown along the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, blood oranges have been revered since ancient times for their rich sweetness. This less acidic counterpart to the classic orange makes for a excellent cup of tea, iced or hot.

Black tea from Sri Lanka and China, orange peel, safflower blossoms and natural orange oil.

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Nice for a light iced tea, 20th Jun 2022

Reviewer: Patrick Kahle

This is a good flavor to make either hot or cold. I drink mostly iced tea and it's not overly orange flavored and it tastes real, not fake like some can. It's a nice tea.

Good light tea, 18th Aug 2020

Reviewer: Stephanie Martin

This was an excellent light tea that is great for drinking all afternoon. It doesn't have an extremely punchy orange flavor, but it's smooth and easy to drink. I was personally hoping for something that was a bit bolder.

High Quality but needs extra added to bring out blood orange, 7th Nov 2019

Reviewer: James Burke

Tea drinkers at our house like this tea very much but say it needs extra tea leaves added to adequately bring out the blood orange zesty flavor - Two tea measures of tea instead of one.

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Blood Orange Black tea, 9th Apr 2014


This has been the favorite tea of my daughter and myself for years. I especially like it iced. I don't know any other tea company that carries it.

Awesome, 22nd Mar 2013

Reviewer: Amanda Basinger

My family has been drinking this for several years. And we love it for iced tea.

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