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Book of Tea Edition 14


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Our 14th edition of the Book of Teas is a delight for everyone. This book has all the information you need, including information about our beginnings as a company, our quality assurance, our sustainability efforts, and in-depth information on all of our teas. This book will also give you more insight on the different types of tea and how to make the perfect cup of tea at home. A must have in your order!

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Learn what your taste buds have been telling you!, 3rd Feb 2021

Reviewer: Sk Fiddes

Wealth of information. Accurate descriptions. Best tea reference i have found. Learn about your teas with this!!

Wonderfully relevant, 20th Jan 2021

Reviewer: Kathryn Klauck

I'm surprised such a book is free with an order. It's very well designed, beautiful photography, and very insightful with all things tea. I have my favorite TeaGschwender teas, but this book will help me open up to more tea options and experiment more with other flavors. This is a really good reference book that I'll be keeping on hand nearby!

Loved the book!, 6th Dec 2020

Reviewer: Marlene McPherson

I was surprised to receive this book in my order, but was even more surprised by how much I loved reading it. I learned many things, and will keep this to refer to it. It was fun to read the history and philosophy of the company, too. Very attractive and informative. The only odd thing was that the grammar was often incorrect, but it was still charming.

Proud to be part of this “revolutionary” tea family, 21st Sep 2020

Reviewer: Linda Wartenweiler

I have been a TeeGschwender fan ever since I discovered them in the early 2000 in Konstanz (DE). As I am born and raised in Switzerland, only a 15 min car drive away from the German boarder, I would solely get my Moroccan Mint Gunpowder tea supply in their lovely “Apotheke-like” store there. Now living in the USA for over 14 years, it never occurred to me until very recently to google TeeGschwender in general. Beyond thrilled I quickly came to learn about their store in Chicago and about their USA online presence!! This amazing book was a freebie as part of my first online order ever and I must admit that everything about TeaGschwendner is resonating in its absolute proud tunes with my soul! SO happy to be part of this amazing & revolutionary family! Thank you SO much for all the good that you are doing and have been doing! You all have got my fullest support! Happy to be “back”. TeeGschwender it is or no tea at all! This book and my first tea supply inspired me to taste their entire assortment one-be-one!! Yay! Looking forward to this very “enlightening” journey... Gratitude & blessings ✨

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