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Camomile Blossom Tea


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Full camomile blossoms infuse your cup with a warm honey glow and a soothing aroma. How good is this tea? Eastern European folklore maintains that a person should bow when facing a Camomile plant.

Ingredients: Camomile blossoms.

50 Grams Per Bag

Customer Reviews

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I drink it every day!, 20th Nov 2014

Reviewer: Kathleen Macartney

so yummy!

Great!, 23rd Oct 2012

Reviewer: Monica Scott

This is the only place I get my chamomile.

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Excellent Camomile, 21st Oct 2012

Reviewer: Tom Liberman

If you like Camomile you will love this tea. It's potent, crisp, and flavorful. The best Camomile I've ever had.

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