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China Lapsang Souchong Organic


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Legend has it that this intense, smoky black tea from the Fujian Province was the result of an accidental drying of the leaves in haste over pine fires. The rejected tea eventually ended up being traded to the Dutch, who sang its praises and requested more. Thus, this unforgettably peaty, pungent tea came into being, and subsequently, worldwide admiration.

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My go to tea in the morning, 22nd Dec 2020

Reviewer: Peter Caradonna

I am a big fan of smoke flavors in my food and drinks. The flavor is not overwhelming but adds a pleasant notes to the tea in a similar way to a good rauchbier. Its a great drink to start the day.

A moment for myself, 19th Oct 2020

Reviewer: Gwendolyn Mobley

Without fail this tea will transport me, mentally, to a relaxed state. I always enjoy brewing this tea because I'm assured of taking a moment or two for myself

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A strong favorite, 8th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Suzette Lenzen

When I want to gear up and go camping underneath the pines, this is the tea I pack first. It has an overtone of strong smoke and smooth liqueur that hints at sweetness. It's perfect for mornings when you want a brisk wake-up.

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