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China Lung Ching Organic


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Some of finest green tea in the world is produced in the Xi Hu District of Zhejiang Province. This organic selection comes from a small tea garden that lies at the feet of the Buddha, "Ru Lai Fo", where cultivation is overseen by the local Tea Research Institute. A bright yellow cup offers the bounty--bittersweet green notes, vanilla and roasted chestnut dominate a velvety cup. Multiple infusions possible.

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Excellent., 30th Oct 2021

Reviewer: T. King

I have been drinking green tea since 1998; loose leaf since 2006. T/G is, in my humble opinion, the highest quality I have experience.

This is the first year that I am actually considering giving packages of this as holiday gifts.

Tried several and this organic Lung Ching is best, 1st Jan 2021

Reviewer: Sandra Cross

I am a new customer who researched and ordered Organic Lung Ching from several different online sources and was my favorite due to the quality of the unbrewed tea leaf, light golden brewed color, taste that was apparent but not too mild or too strong, and reasonable price for ORGANIC tea. I love this tea and look forward to it every morning.

My favorite green tea, 4th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Petra Rieker

I buy this tea since years. Always a pleasure for my taste buds. This tea garden produces an outstanding quality.

Another excellent tea., 16th Aug 2017

Reviewer: Charles Stovall

A green tea that will satisfy the most ardent green tea drinker. Great yellow to light green color. Really smooth tasting. 'I really love this green tea.

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