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China Oolong Eastern Beauty


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The classic among mildly fermented teas. Originally from Formosa, these infatuating sweet top qualities are nowadays produced in China as well. Full-bodied, golden yellow cup with lots of character.

11 g tea leaves (3 heaping tablespoons) to 1 liter filtered, boiling water. Allow to brew 2.5 min., also tasty when sweetened with white rock candy.

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My new fave..., 25th Sep 2017

Reviewer: Robin Raef

I wanted to try Oolong tea. I have tried so many different teas that have been great. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. It is so smooth tasting with a richness of flavor. I usually like a strong tea. This one is not "strong" but I don't miss it.
I was unsure about trying it since it is a higher priced tea. I tried to use the tea leaves twice and I was surprised that I didn't notice any flavor loss on the second brewing. So now I have twice the amount of tea cups I thought I would.
I will defintely be buying more.

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