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China Wuyuan Jasmine Organic


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This bold Jasmine handiwork is the specialty of producers in the northern highlands of Jiangxi Province. The base of Chun Mee green tea provides a bold canvas for the enduring bouquet of fresh jasmine. A golden, lively cup that is sure to inspire your confidence and compliments.

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Favorite jasmine tea!, 4th Feb 2021

Reviewer: Kristin Adair

I thought I had tasted good jasmine tea before this but I guess not! This tea has such a lovely fragrance and is well balanced. No bitterness. I drink it now almost every day.

Favorite Green Tea, 23rd Nov 2020

Reviewer: Suzanne Makol Zamudio

This cup is just so well balanced, and has a great fragrance.

China Wuyuan Jasmine Organic tea, 3rd Feb 2020

Reviewer: William Joy

A friend from Taiwan, who is an expert on all kinds of teas, introduced me to this wonderful green tea, which is without question my favorite. I have tried a great many teas over the years, but this one is my personal number 1 tea for all occasions. I drink several hot cups in the morning, and it improves my day; no question about it. I very highly recommend it.

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Great Tea!, 17th Mar 2017

Reviewer: Michael Thompson

What a wonderful tea. My wife and I tried about 25 to 30 different teas before settling on China Wuyan Jasmine as our daily drinking tea for the last 10+ years. Really a superb tea and well worth its price.

China Wuyan Jasmine Organic Green Tea, 26th Jan 2013

Reviewer: Lisa Czolacz

I have been drinking this tea for years. It is absolutely my favorite jasmine tea and I have tried many others! I drink it first thing every morning and even if I over-steep it, it's fine. I only wish there was a decaf-version for later in the day. Good value for the price.

China Wuyuan Jasmine Organic tea, 27th Nov 2012

Reviewer: Joy F. Ezell

The best tea ever!!! I love Jasmine tea and this is the best flavored jasmine I have had!
I drink a cup every morning, which I decaffienate first and then I put another kind of tea on top of the used leaves, pour hot water over and let steep for 10 minutes or longer for my second cup of hot tea!! I love hot tea of anykind, but Jasmine is my favorite!!!

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