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China Yellow Dragon


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Only in the South of China the secret of good yellow tea is still known. Gently baked, with nuances of cocoa and a spicy base. Golden yellow cup.

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Exceptional yellow tea, 14th Mar 2019

Reviewer: Gary Goodnow

I thought I had rated this tea previously, but apparently not. I've been enjoying this China Yellow on repeated purchases for a couple of years now, and this is the best yellow tea I've tasted. And the most consistent in terms of taste - no variation on any of the purchases. Yellow teas are harder to find and when you do they are normally more expensive than this tea. I consider this to be a mellow tea but one with outstanding flavors that are subtle yet none overpowering. I like fully oxidized black teas, but also like oolongs and more mellow teas as well and in my opinion, yellows are sorta in between oolongs and blacks, yet are a black tea. The China Yellow Dragon is full bodied but yet a very mellow taste that is hard to describe. As I mentioned, I keep this tea around always as one of my "go-to" teas and to serve guests who appreciate finer teas.

China Yellow Dragon, 8th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Karen Neuhengen

Superb tea with rock sugar. We were looking for a replacement for Teavana’s Golden Dragon, and this is the perfect choice. It is a smooth and rich tea!

China Yellow Dragon, 15th Feb 2018

Reviewer: Michael Garey

I really enjoyed this tea. I have made a second purchase which should speak to how much I liked it.

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