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Christmas Tea


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The yuletide made bright by the heavy spices of the season- nutmeg and vanilla hide subtly behind a bold dose of cloves.

Ingredients: Black teas from China, Sri Lanka and India, orange peel, cloves, vanilla pieces, natural and artificial flavor.

* Seasonal Tea: Available October-February

*Contains Nuts(and products thereof)

Customer Reviews

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Cindy, 29th Jan 2021

Reviewer: Cynthia Dombrowski

This is an amazing tea! I like black tea and this is exceptional because it has such flavor!

One of my favorite things...., 28th Dec 2020

Reviewer: Janet Nelson

I was introduced to Christmas Tea last year at the Christkindl Market in Chicago. I was instantly hooked. Have ordered the sachets several times, so this time I decided to try the loose tea. WOW! I didn't think this tea could get any better, but I love the loose tea. The optional measuring spoon was a free bonus at the time I ordered. I now look forward to this tea as part of my evening routine. It is a seasonal item, so order soon if you are a fan or want to become one! Great gift, too!

First sign of the season, 23rd Dec 2020

Reviewer: Michele Shields

Christmas Tea is one of the ways that I welcome in the holiday season - I look forward to enjoying its warm aroma and flavor throughout this time of year.

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One of my Christmas standards, 23rd Nov 2020

Reviewer: James Fletcher

This tea is fantastic! I get it every year for the holiday season. Vanilla, nutmeg, orange just smells like Christmas.

Love this tea, 18th Nov 2019

Reviewer: Karen Law

I first received this tea as a thank you gift. It’s a wonderful tea, so fragrant, smells like Christmas. May be my favorite new holiday tradition.

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It's not Christmas without this Christmas Tea by Tea G, 26th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Jenifer Goode

Love this black tea with orange! Absolutely delish! Great with milk and sugar, of course, but also good black.

Kim A, 14th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Kim Ault

My absolute favorite tea! I drink this ALL year long! LOVE the nutmeg, vanilla, cloves, and orange peel flavors.

Smells like Christmas, 8th May 2017

Reviewer: Stephanie Martin

Somewhat reminiscent of Autumn Spice, but less scented and therefore gets the bump up. It’s smelled stronger than it tastes, but the taste was light and pleasant. I might order it again for Christmas next year for the novelty, but with so many other flavored blacks to choose from, I wouldn’t it again until then.

Christmas all year, 2nd Mar 2017

Reviewer: Kathryn Klauck

This has become one of my favorite teas. With nutmeg and vanilla tones, it has just the right amount of warmth and spice for not just Christmas, but any time of year! Although it's still best at Christmas!!

Put unde my tree please..., 6th Nov 2012

Reviewer: Rebeka Althouse

A very festive, warm and Christmasy tea, sure to fill you with the Christmas spirit.

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