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Earl Grey No. 69


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A blend of the finest black teas heavy with heady bergamot flavor. Even the Earl himself would be smitten by the bold character of this classic.

Ingredients: Black tea from China, India, Sri Lanka and Bergamot flavor.

Customer Reviews

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Duke of Earl, 3rd Mar 2017

Reviewer: Charles Wilkins

Classic. One of the best Earl Greys I've ever had. A mainstay in the pantry.

Best ever, 17th Jul 2014

Reviewer: James Angove

And god help me if I can't get it any more; it shows out of stock, and I'm almost out of stock, which I find almost terrifying... how will I start my day!?!

This is the best tea I've ever had, really.

Love this Tea, 31st Mar 2014

Reviewer: Joerg Pohmer

Have been buying this tea already from Tea Gschwendner in Germany where it is readily available at many Gschwendner stores. Were very happy to see that I could order this lovely tea also in the US via their internet store after relocating to the US.

This tea has the perfect mixture of black tea and bergamot. It tastes great - in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

love #69, 20th Feb 2014

Reviewer: Sharron Shriver

I make 3 cups in a drip coffee pot that has only been used for tea. It brews perfectly and tastes wonderful, and is ready when I walk in the kitchen early in the morning.

A Classic, 18th Feb 2014

Reviewer: Donna Benarey

I have been drinking this Earl Grey for many years now. It is quite simply the best blend that I have ever tasted. The bergamot is just the right amount, not too strong or too weak. An excellent quality tea!

Julie Peltier, 5th Apr 2013

Reviewer: Julie Peltier

This is simply the best Earl Grey I have ever had. I am so spoild having the best that other Earl Grey's just don't measure up to the 69 standard of excellence.

Delicious, 12th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Marcos Britto Gift Shop Starboard Cabin 4024

Delicious, makes me daydream, the best earl grey I've ever have !!

Annie, 27th Jan 2013

Reviewer: Annie & Guido Weber & Berns

I love this tea, it's my go to tea!

Classic and Delicious, 11th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Margaret A Rose

My husband and I have been drinking this tea for over 5 years now. It is all we will drink. Our daughter has started drinking it too. Not heavy or delicate. Just right.

Earl Grey No. 69, 11th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Gary Fenske

It is a pleasure to find consistant perfection from Earl Grey No. 69. Tea fresh from TeaGschwendner's is the best. Delivery was on time. Thanks.

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EG 69, 30th Nov 2012

Reviewer: Sharron Shriver

I have been ordering this tea for the laast 3 years and simply love it. I drink 3-4 BIG cups a day. Wish you sold it in bags for when I travel.

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The Best, 30th Nov 2012

Reviewer: Donna Benarey

This is by far the best Earl Grey tea that I have ever tasted. If brewed according to directions, it has the perfect balance of black tea and bergamot, with no bitterness. Great in the afternoon with scones, biscuits(cookies) or finger sandwiches. Truly an excellent tea!

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