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East Frisian Broken Blend


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This hearty blend of robust Assam and Indonesian teas is enjoyed in Northern Germany with heavy cream. A stiff cup with electric astringency and weighty notes of tobacco and caramel.

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East Frisian broken blend, 31st Oct 2019

Reviewer: Michael Simon

When I visited the Chicago teashop, this was my favorite of all the teas I tried there. It remains so many years later. Distinctive taste yet smooth. The Assam/Java blend is a good addition to the Assam/Ceylon blends from other companies that I usually drink. I will order it again.

Excellent tea, 19th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Catherine Thomas

This is by far my favorite tea that I order. Nice bold flavor softened but not diminished by addition of cream and sugar.

One of my favorites ever, 6th Aug 2014

Reviewer: Debra Wendt

I love this tea from Germany's North Sea coast. I had this tea in Germany and it is truly wonderful. It is a dark, sturdy tea with a strong mouth feel, and yet is it full of subtle and clear flavors. It is one tasty cup of tea.

I do drink mine with unsweetened soymilk. Some sort of milk in this tea is practically a prerequisite. In addition to milk, Germans add rock sugar, so sweetener is also a fine addition to the tea. Personally, I am avoiding refined sugar. But I know it is wonderful sweetened and with milk.

Tee Geschwendner's Frisian tea is high quality and tastes as good as any I had in Germany.

Great Flavor, 28th Jun 2014

Reviewer: Alma Hayes

I have been purchasing this blend of tea for six years since I discovered it in a TeaGschwender teashop in Germany. It is my daily cuppa and has a nice strong flavor but not too heavy. I drink mine with milk and it takes it very well.

Excellent blend..., 3rd Oct 2010

Reviewer: Robert Noles

Admittedly there is a world of difference in the climates of New Orleans, LA and the North Sea coast of Germany but brewing a pot of this tea one can imagine the cool damp sea air. Wonderful malty flavors and I can detect a hint of tobacco in the dry aroma. This is quickly becoming a favorite tea of mine for anytime.

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