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English Breakfast Tea


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A brilliant interpretation of a classic. This harmonious blend of Ceylon, Assam, Java and Darjeeling teas will help you greet the morning in proper fashion. Robust and malty—just the way it should be.

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The Best Tea Ever, 12th Apr 2022

Reviewer: Mohammed AlAbdullatif

I been drinking the Gschwendner English Breakfast Tea for more than 10 years and even when the shops closed in the KSA I am still ordering the same tea from US as there is no alternative for this tea in any other brand.

Excellent English Breakfast Tea, 1st Feb 2021

Reviewer: Jennifer Baker

I enjoy my English Breakfast the European way - with milk and sugar. This tea is so smooth and it is excellent served the way I like it. Very enjoyable.

Delicious!, 18th Nov 2020

Reviewer: Christina Schultz

Best English breakfast tea I've had so far and I've tried many. Very smooth at a 4 minute brew. I like just a tiny dollop of milk and a teaspoon of sugar in mine to get my day started. Superior flavor.

Delightful!, 4th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Suzette Raugh

Consistently smooth, not too strong or bitter. A wonderful way to start the morning.

Rich, aromatic, bright, wakeup tea, 29th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Maura High

Tea Gschwender's English Breakfast is English breakfast perfection. I've been drinking tea for 70 years, and declare this to be what I've always wanted in a loose-leaf morning tea. The scent alone wakes you up, and the follow-up taste is bright and rich, very satisfying. That's even before the caffeine starts to kick in. It tolerates shorter or longer brew times and has enough flavor and heft to pair well with milk (I use 2%).

Superior Breakfast Tea, 11th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Lynn Jensen

I have drunk teas for over 50 years and this is one of the very best English Breakfast Tea blends that I have ever had.

Wonderful, 27th Aug 2014

Reviewer: Mary Vaughn

This is a great tea and a great company to order from;prompt and always courteous

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A good relief from coffee, 15th May 2013

Reviewer: Charles Stovall

I have always enjoyed English Breakfast tea. There are lots of so called 'English Breakfast teas' that don't measure up. I have no qualms about switching from my morning cup of coffee to this excellent English Breakfast tea. Loved it.

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Builders tea solid stuff, 23rd Mar 2013

Reviewer: Jennifer Shroder

The English call English Breakfast "builders tea" for some reason, maybe because you can take on the world after a couple cups of this tea. My grandmother would have said "good'n'strong" and I have to agree. This is best served the way the Brits do morning tea, with sugar and milk, and for that you need it to be strong enough to stand up to the other flavors. This tea can do that beautifully.

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English Breakfast Tea, 9th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Sandra Coombs

Easy purchase process. Quick delivery. Excellent product!

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