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Formosa Superior Taifu


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The Fancy Superior grade is bestowed only upon exquisite, tippy teas such as the Taifu. Known as “Five Color Tea,” northern Taiwanese Oolongs are oxidized around roughly 60% and take on various hues of brown—from beige to sienna. The Taifu is a heady cup, a nuanced sketch of wood, apricot and dried plum. Infuse multiple times.

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Delectable tea, 31st Oct 2019

Reviewer: Maura High

This is a delicious tea, naturally fragrant and earthy at the same time. I heat water to an oolong setting, below boiling, and let it brew for a few minutes. I then remove the infuser with the tea leaves from the pot so it does not continue brewing. The second brew is a much lighter flavor, still refreshing, but not quite so heady. I like that!

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Perhaps the finest Oolong I've ever tasted, 14th Mar 2019

Reviewer: Gary Goodnow

I really enjoy a really good oolong tea and the best ones are a bit pricey most of the time including this one. But if the tea is exceptional, I don't mind the price. This Superior Taifu is well worth the price in my opinion. In addition to starting with a high quality tea, the challenge with oolongs of course is the amount of oxidation. Some are a bit "grassy" for me and others too much like a full black tea. In my opinion they got both right on this Taifu oolong. The oxidation level has to be close to perfection. The tea is very fragrant and presents several tastes as you enjoy the cup and as it cools. I'm not great at describing tastes sadly, but I would say the description TG provides is pretty spot on. But I do know a good tea and have developed a reputation I think of serving really good teas and this one has been highly praised by guests. I like to try different teas but always have 6 or so that I keep around - this tea will join those teas.

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