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Greek Mountain Tea


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A taste that hails from the slopes of the Taygetos Mountains! This traditional Mediterranean tisane possesses an herbaceous hint of lemon with a pinch of spice.

Ingredients: Greek Mountain flowers.

40 Grams Per Bag

Customer Reviews

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Sunshine in a cup, 21st Sep 2021

Reviewer: Adam SoRelle

I took this tea on the first picnic with the love of my life. It will always smell like a summer breeze and taste like sunshine in a cup to me.

Excellent tea. Good for inflammation, 17th Apr 2020

Reviewer: Marian Lawlor

Great tea that has anti-inflammatory properties. Serve with lemon (and honey if you need the sweetening. I don’t.). Break the stems to help release the natural oils.

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Perfect for a cold afternoon, 29th Oct 2012

Reviewer: Daniel Fleming

This tea is wonderful and warming without having any strong notes.

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Excellent Tea, 21st Oct 2012

Reviewer: Tom Liberman

This tea is now the favorite of everyone to whom I've recommended it. It is subtle with a crisp flavor and a great aftertaste. Highly recommended.

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