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Gunpowder Temple of Heaven


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Sea captains ferrying precious cargoes back to the West dubbed this granular tea Gunpowder, in reference to that common tool of warfare. This tumble-fired Chinese classic comes in many grades, the finest of which is Temple of Heaven. The choicest leaves and buds make the smallest “pellets,” which render an olive colored cup when brewed, slightly sweet and strikingly nutty. A second infusion is usually possible.

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Excellent green tea, 18th Feb 2015

Reviewer: Kathy Conway

This tea is stronger flavored than Sencha, I love the acidity and flavor. It's great plain or with sugar. As other reviewers have noted, a relative bargain for this quality of tea.

Temple of heaven gunpowder green tea, 22nd Apr 2013

Reviewer: Alan Behr

I have been using this product for well over ten years. It is not a classic and expensive as are other teas. It is consistent and light in color and flavorful! Easy to brew, it lends itself to a great starter for the day.It is also a great warmer on a chilly day after being outside.Please note that I'm probably brewing it incorrectly, but who cares?!?!

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