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Hazelnut-Chocolate tea


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Delicious hazelnut brittle paired with intense cocoa - a pairing that would make a Swiss Chocolatier proud! Ingredients: Tea blend, hazelnut brittle (sugar, hazelnuts), bits of cocoa, cocoa shells, flavor, cinnamon, vanilla bits. Tip: 3g tea leaves (1 heaping teaspoon) per 8oz cup of filtered, boiling water. Allow to brew 2 min.

*Contains Nuts (and products thereof)

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Hazelnut Choclate Tea, 2nd Sep 2020

Reviewer: David Twigg

Bought at a shop in Nuremberg Germany while my wife and I were on vacation. The assistant told me I could order online through, and get, from Chicago. I love this stuff!!! in fact, I got a co-worker interested and she started ordering...... and loves it. Very flavorful!!
Since I can't have coffee any more, this the next best thing to satisfy my Hazelnut-chocolate craving.......every morning.

BTW- The Irish Cream is the bomb too......(but make it a quick steep, otherwise overpowering).

God Bless

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