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Japan Genmaicha Organic


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No inferior tea here—our Genmaicha is made with high quality Sencha, and of course, the famous toasted rice. Originally a frugal and clever way to extend the household tea supply until the following spring, this invention of the less fortunate became a smashing success. The brisk vegetal sweetness of Sencha harmonizes wonderfully with the starchy flavor of toasted rice.

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A bit of tea heaven, 15th Mar 2017

Reviewer: Kathryn Klauck

Classic green tea is usually my go-to tea favorite, but Japan Genmaicha takes it up a few notches. The roasted rice adds a deep, rich note to the tea. Sends me swooning.

A new favorite, 13th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Deborah Onken

I find myself craving this tea . . .

Japan Genmaicha, 8th Sep 2014

Reviewer: Rena Church

Absolutely wonderful!

toasty, 24th Jan 2013

Reviewer: Virginia Stephens

I enjoy the malty note that the roasted rice adds to the green tea.

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