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Japan Kabusecha Organic


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A stunning, emerald First Flush green tea harvested in early June. For centuries, Japanese tea growers have practiced "shading" - using nets or trellises to control the amount of sunlight the plants receive. Kabusecha is partially shaded under translucent nets for two weeks prior to harvest enhancing the sweetness and smoothness of the finished product. The result is somewhere between Sencha and Gyokuro: bright, grassy notes capped by a rich, unexpected creaminess.

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HEAVEN in a tea cup, 4th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Emily Netteler

I have tried several cheaper and more expensive green teas from TeaGschwendner and from other tea shops, and this tea is by far my favorite green tea. It is well worth the money.. It puts cheaper green teas to absolute shame, is a fantastic quality to compete with more expensive teas, and will make you close your eyes in bliss.. Like a fine wine, this tea should never be used to mix! I recommend you drink it hot brewed exactly as directed (NEVER with boiling hot water! Use your thermometer!) all by itself, or with the tiniest pinch of 100% pure powdered stevia. The green taste of the Stevia really compliments this tea. I drink an entire liter pot of this tea by myself several times a week.

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