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Harvest: 2021
Every year, the first of the shiny shade-grown teas sparks joy into tea-lovers everywhere. This fruity and aromatic Shincha is grown in the North East Aichi prefecture, in a natural environment, at an elevation of about 700 meters. Dark green needle shaped leaves make an incomparably fragrant and luminous green cup.
Ingredients: Green tea
Tip: 11g tea leaves (5 level Teelamass) to 1 liter filtered water, boiled and cooled to
60°C/140°F (let the water cool for about 12 min. after boiling). Allow to brew 2 min.


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Greener than green, 28th Jun 2019

Reviewer: Misha Bittleston

The luminous green color of this tea amazed me. The flavor was unusual to me at first, having a sweet vegetal quality, but after drinking this tea for a few days I found myself looking forward to it. There is something extremely special about this brilliant green cup, the picture on the description page does not do it justice. Like so many of my favorite things in life this tea just gets more interesting as my palate gets to know it. The only downside to this tea is that I can't afford to drink it very often, but thank you teagschwender for finding this precious and beautiful tea.

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