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Japanese Cherry


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A fine blend of green teas with a delicate and enticing cherry bouquet.

Ingredients: Green tea from Japan and China, cherry pieces, silver tips (the youngest shoots of the tea plant), white cornflower petals, red cornflower petals and flavor.

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Lovely Green Tea, 22nd Mar 2017

Reviewer: Suzanne Johnson

I'm a big fan of fruit teas. The Japanese cherry is so lovely. It is light and fragrant. I keep mine in a canister and when I open it I can inhale the scent. Just perfect.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Wonderful tea!, 30th Nov 2012

Reviewer: Rachel Shadel

This is a very delicate, light tea, which thankfully doesn't go bitter if brewed for too long like some teas. It tastes more of tea than it does cherry, which comes as a fruity aftertaste. Very important to note that unlike some teas that have cherry in them, this one does not taste like cough syrup! The only drawback is that if not brewed long enough, the cherry flavor disappears completely.

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