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Magic Tea Maker


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This Magic Tea Maker is the perfect solution for avid tea drinkers. The unit features a heavy plastic tea brewer with fine mesh screen that works great with large and fine tea leaves alike.

- Add your loose tea into the container.
- Pour hot water and let brew to your taste.
- When ready, set the Magic Tea Maker on top of your mug. It’s that easy!

Includes spill proof bottom.

0.47L/16 oz.

Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.


Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Magic you need in your life, 4th Apr 2021

Reviewer: Kristy Nardone

This is the best tea maker I have found. I bought my first one in 2015 while in Chicago. I still have that one. I then bought one as a gift for my mother who absolutely loves it. I now have one for taking with me when I travel.

Love it!, 21st May 2019

Reviewer: Dana Hemelt

So much better than the tea ball - easy to use and super easy to clean. Makes a perfect cup of tea, and I especially love it for iced tea.

Favorite new "thing", 15th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Tiffany Saraceno

I saw this used at the shop in Chicago on a food tour. Purchased one and now have ordered 3 more!! The coolest kitchen gadget that also is great at the office. I would highly recommend purchasing more than one because once you use it you will want to gift to everyone you know!

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Love the convenience!, 27th Apr 2017

Reviewer: Laurie Siddall

This tea brewing cup is amazing; I love that I can make a fresh cup easily whenever I want, and cleaning up is a whiz. Ordered a second to keep in my office!

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what to add?, 16th Jun 2014

Reviewer: Robert Sharp

I think the beauty of this maker is that it's ease of use encourages people to make tea more often. It's fantastic for a quick cup or two.

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Miracle Tea Maker, 4th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Gertraude T. Kozak

A wonderful product that delivers what it promises! Great gift for people who enjoy freshly brewed quality teas!

Miracle Tea Maker, 20th Feb 2013

Reviewer: Jeanette Nystrom

We love this product. Best thing we ever bought. These teas are wonderful too.

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Best Tea Maker on the Market!, 1st Jan 2013

Reviewer: Caroline Commins

I drink my tea in a 12 oz. mug. I've tried small tea pots to make two mugs of tea, but the second cup always needs to be heated up. This little tea maker IS magic. It easily makes a perfect 12 oz. mug of tea and is simple to rinse out. Then it is ready for my second mug of HOT tea!

Miracle Tea Maker, 6th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Phyllis Youse

Have seen this type of individual tea maker, and have always wanted one. Now I have the Miracle Tea Maker, and it is great. Easy to use and clean. Makes wonderful tea. I would buy it for a gift anytime.

Awesome, 15th Oct 2012

Reviewer: Virginia Cook

This tea maker is great. I took mine to work. It is so easy to use, then you just dump the leaves and rinse it out. I bring it home on the weekends and run it through the dishwasher.

Miracle Tea Maker, 9th Dec 2011

Reviewer: Susan Royston

It's by far the most awesome product on the market!!!!!! My whole family watches me make tea!

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