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Matcha Kei Organic


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Masters are rarely found in world of tea production, especially when it comes to organic cultivation. But with the knowledge
passed down from generation to generation and with the rich volcanic soil of Kagoshima, this Matcha specialty of exquisite quality, has been made possible.
Exclusively produced for
TeaGschwendner, Matcha Kei (=respect) represents everything Japanese tea has to offer: intensity, sweetness and umami. A true masterpiece!

Each tin contains 30 grams of organic Matcha.


About 3–5 g of the powder is placed in a special stoneware bowl (chawan, 300–400 ml), which has been warmed. Soft or filtered water, cooled to 80°C/176°F is then added incrementally while the liquid is whisked until frothy using a bamboo whisk (chasen).

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Sublime, 9th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Jaylyn Clark

It is a bit pricey but you get what you pay. This Matcha Kei is delicious and zen and contemplative; buttery smooth taste with none of the accompanying bitterness that can be present in matcha. I have shifted away from coffee because my stomach can no longer tolerate the acid; whereas this green tea is alkaline and clean. The fact that it is organic--best bonus!

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