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Matcha Sei Organic


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Shizuoka is the most popular and biggest growing area in Japan. Nearly half of all Japanese teas are grown here. The
tea bushes used for our Matcha Sei (=purity) grow at the foot of the holy mountain Fuji. With its aromatic and
intensive taste, the Matcha Sei is perfect for the daily portion of green tea, whether consumed in the office or at home, as beginner or Matcha expert, it is always good for a short time-out.

Each tin contains 30 grams of organic Matcha.


About 3–5 g of the powder is placed in a special stoneware bowl (chawan, 300–400 ml), which has been warmed. Soft or filtered water, cooled to 80°C/176°F is then added incrementally while the liquid is whisked until frothy using a bamboo whisk (chasen).