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Mate Drinking Vessel


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Enjoy mate traditionally with this hollow drinking gourd (cuia). No two are alike in shape, but all enhance the mellow earthy notes of the popular herbal drink.

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Affordable way to experience something new, 26th Jan 2021

Reviewer: Diane Crow

Wanting to try Yerba Mate in the traditional way because all my research said it was the only way to really do it, I found this a very affordable alternative to the terribly high prices elsewhere for the authentic gourd cups. I prepared the brew properly and added just a bit of rock sugar. Steeped it as long as recommended, but found it was just too bitter for my taste. Love the cup, though, and it looks really unique, but the reason why it got 4 stars instead of 5 was because when I did the initial soaking with plain hot water, as the experts recommed, I found that it left behind a thin slimy film which took a bit of scrubbing for me to remove. I wasn't too surprised that it was like that because it is a natural gourd, afterall. I still love the cup and will experiment with it with tea blends that contain Yerba Mate and hope I can find one that hits a home run. Be sure to protect your hands after filling with hot water when you pick it up as it is very hot when full.

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