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Nepal TGFOP Hope Autumnal Org


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Delightfully flavorful, aromatic autumnal crop, richly nuanced, with a soft-yellow cup. Mellow and aromatic, colorful like a walk in the woods during Indian Summer.

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Nepal TGFOP Hope Autumnal Org, 13th Jan 2021

Reviewer: Larysa Bobrova

It is very delicate tea. If it is brewed 3 min 30 sec, it produces ruby copper cup with notes of stone fruit and floral fragrance. It compliments the full mouth feel. It has lingering crisp finish.

1 steep 2 steep, 13th Nov 2020

Reviewer: Tiffany Rupp

This is the first time I've had another tea resemble a Darjeeling without being one. There is no dry aroma but it does have a nice wet aroma with various wet wood smells. It has the muscatel notes but the presence of woody notes is stronger. The steep time is finicky. Two minutes is fine but I felt like it needed a bit more so I left it in longer. But it ended up being a bit too long. Luckily this is my second cup so I know this slight tannic flavor and astringent feeling are only due to the over steeping. Wet wood and forest floor after a rain. Just a brisk rain, not a heavy downpour. Can be steeped up to two times but the third infusion lost a lot.

Favorite tea, 2nd Mar 2019

Reviewer: Seanna Tully

I disagree that this tea is tasteless, I think its delicious and makes an excellent cup of butter tea, just like I had when I was in Sikkim, India.

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Very Disappointing - tasteless, 15th Apr 2017

Reviewer: Gary Goodnow

I am very diasppointed in this tea and this is the first tea I've purchased from Tea Gschwendner in over a year, that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed.

Not only is it not aromatic, but it is practically tasteless. I've increased the brewing time to the normal 3 min for black teas (the package suggests 2 min) and also the amount to 1 1/2 tealamass per 8 oz cup. That helped a bit, but this tea is in no way ready for prime time.

I love other Nepal black teas, including the Nepal Mystic Shangri-La (376) and Golden Nepal (300-100). Both are excellent teas - especially the Mystic.

This morning I blended the Hope Autumnal with an Assam I had, and it really produced a very nice cup of tea. I'll probably use most of this tea in a blended fashion.

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