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New Zealong Black Tea


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This large and open leaf makes for a mahogany-colored cup without a trace of bitterness, yet a beguiling reminiscence of honey, malt and a touch of caramel. Beyond all doubt a masterly production of New Zealand’s only tea garden.


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Tena koutou, Kia ora, Hello., 23rd Nov 2020

Reviewer: Tiffany Rupp

There is plenty I'd love to talk about regarding this amazing place but I don't want to be like one of those recipe blogs where it takes you a few minutes to find the recipe. This is about Zealong. New Zealand's only tea estate! Sweet as!
Until a few weeks ago I had no idea tea was grown and produced in New Zealand. I stumbled upon a post in The Loose Leaf Lounge and then found out TeaGschwender sells it. So out of heaps of curiosity, I had to buy some. For a black tea, it doesn't remind me of one. It has a flavor reminiscent of sweet potato, malt, and honey. An aroma of baked woods (don't ask it makes sense in my head), and baked sweet potato pie. It has a slightly astringent aftertaste but nothing too jarring. Crisp and clean on the palate as one should expect from an organic tea.

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