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Permanent Teafilter Large


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This large permanent teafilter is ideal for all but the very smallest teacup or pot. The fine mesh retains even the smallest pieces of leaf. The lid keeps your tea warm while steeping and serves as a convenient stand to keep your filter from dripping.
6.5 cm (2.56 in.) diameter and 9.5 cm (3.74 in.) tall

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My second one!, 21st Jan 2020

Reviewer: Stephanie Martin

I bought this from TeaG almost ten years ago, and I finally got around to buying a second one this year. This tea strainer is THE PERFECT tea strainer because the mesh is too fine to let bits and pieces fall into the cup or pot, plus you won't end up with bits stuck into the mesh like other metal strainers that are merely punctured. After 10 years, my first one did end up being a little clogged, but it's nothing that a magic eraser can't fix.

tea filter, 8th May 2017

Reviewer: Dolores Watson

I have to return it as it is too big for my teapot, which is a 6 cup pot. I based my purchase on the description that it fits most but the smallest teapots so thought it would work.

Never use bags again, 15th Apr 2014

Reviewer: Susan Magas

This filter fits in my small teapot and my large teapot. I will never have to use tea bags again.

Great small holes, 31st Oct 2012

Reviewer: Laura Kuhn

This filter is much like the gold coffee filter in my coffee pot (I don't drink coffee, but I bought the pot for when my folks visit). This filter is far preferable to the other one I have. The small holes mean that rooibus and other fine-leaf teas can't get through. The size means you can easily fit in fruit tea and allow for good water circulation in the filter. LOVE the lid that serves as a tray. The only flaw (and I'm not sure how you'd fix it) is that the plastic pieces on it make it large enough that it displaces a lot of water, so I can't fill my cup or pot with quite as much water as I can with my other filter. However, the small holes are so awesome that I'm willing to have a little less tea. LOVE this filter!

nurtro, 15th Oct 2012

Reviewer: Ortrun Dew

This filter is perfect for any tea. It fits nicely into the cups, and the mesh is narrow enough even for the most thin-cut teas.

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