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Roasted Coconut


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Roasted coconuts are combined with an enticing aromatic black tea, resulting in a superb blend that may be enjoyed sweetened as well as non-sweetened. Ingredients: Black tea, roasted bits of coconut, grated coconut, flavor amaranth. Tip: 3g tea leaves
(1 heaping teaspoon) per 8oz cup
of filtered, boiling water.
Allow to brew 2 min.

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Highly scented, subtle flavor, 25th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Stephanie Martin

This coconut tea has a very powerful aroma as soon as you open the bag, though for me the coconut scent was almost too powerful. Once brewed, the tea has a much more subtle and almost nutty flavor, and it reminded me very much of TG's hazelnut tea. Also, the coconut bits stuck to everything and were hard to get out of the strainer when I went back to wash it.

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