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Rooibush Cream Caramel


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This decadent dessert comes guilt free. An overwhelming favorite at the teashop and on cozy couches everywhere. Let us lead you into temptation.

Ingredients: Rooibush tea from Africa, caramel bits and flavor.

*Contains Milk (and products thereof)
*Contains Soybeans(and products thereof)

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TGTea's Rooibush mixes are godsend!, 21st Sep 2021

Reviewer: Sergey Malgin

I am humble tea connoisseur and during our acquaintance with TGTea I've tried a lot of their teas. Now my stomach cannot handle most of the black teas, so my 'feel nice' tea of choice is Rooibush.
I prefer TGTea's Rooibush vs (sale store's) Rooibos or Honeybush because I hate that pseudo-sweet licorice-ish flavor hat all honeybush mixes have.

I tried practically all of the TGTea's Rooibush mixes (incl. eggnog seasonal) and they are all great-tasting and easy on stomach!

My black tea recipe for guests: for one 1.2L teapot use 4 heaping teaspoons of the classic black teas as a base (non-flavored and not a Lapsang Suchong obviously!) and use 1 heaping teaspoon of TGRTea's Rooibush mix as a flavor. I am ALWAYS asked what sort of tea I used. Seriously, always, constistently over the years.

These mixes are all good, but you need to try & pick your favorite. Accidentally, mine is Rooibush Amarettini.

Love this tea, 13th Nov 2020

Reviewer: Diana Levine

When I lived in Germany, I would drink this tea with my German neighbors. So when I moved back home to the US, I was delighted to find I could still get it here in the states. And it’s still just as wonderful.

Rooibush Cream Carmel, 13th Jun 2019

Reviewer: Gwen Leslie

I have purchased 4 bags of this delightful tea. Agree that it is a wonderful after dinner tea; soothing, comforting. I recently purchased two bags and immediately opened one for tea. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. This bag was not as robust in scent or flavor. The carmel bits were darker in color than usual. After brewing the same amount of time as always, it just didn't evoke my usual sigh of delight. (I haven't opened the second bag.)

Best Creme Caramel Rooibos, 2nd Aug 2018

Reviewer: Rachel Naipaul

Came across this beauty years ago when I first visited TG in Germany.
Since then I've tried Creme Caramel Rooibos from many MANY other tea companies, and they all fail to live up to TGs standard re: quality, blend, aroma, and taste.
Happily repurchasing this one from TG, ad infinitum.

Haunting, 15th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Alex Egg

I had this tea almost serendipitously outside in Berlin at a bretzel shop outside of the Schonefeld Airport. It has haunted me every since. I remember vividly to this moment 6 months later how delicious it felt as I sipped it on train on the way to the city centre. I drink a lot of Rooibos, so it's not my first rodeo -- this is a very good blend. It tasted sweet w/ no sweetener. I saved the teabag w/ the name of the maker and told me wife we have got to order some of this when we get back to Amsterdam. It turned out to be too expensive to import to Amsterdam so I lived w/ a void in my life for the next were. Anyways, here I am living in NYC a year later still haunted. Enough is a enough, I'm ordering some!

Perfect Tea, 12th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Kesiah Ruiz

I was originally wanting to buy another rooibush tea, but ended up buying this. I really love it. It's so good. Smells so good and tastes so delicious. I highly recommend it.

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Perfect after dinner tea, 1st Jul 2014

Reviewer: Stephanie Martin

This tea is great for blending with black tea for a little extra smoothness, or for drinking on its own anytime you want a sweet, light tea without caffeine. It re-brews nicely the second time.

cozy and sweet, 7th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Rachel Fong

Creamy, comforting, great for winter.

Caramel Rooibush, 1st Dec 2012

Reviewer: Packy Boukis

Sound yummy, cannot wait to try.

Great Rooibush Tea, 6th Nov 2012

Reviewer: Rebeka Althouse

I'm not a big red tea fn, but I tried this, and its really good!Very rich, sweet and creamy.
However it does not "rebrew" well.

Enchanting, 27th Oct 2012

Reviewer: Marilyn Raulston

I love this tea, I especially like it over ice. It's creamy caramel flavor is decadent.

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