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Rooibush Green Lemon-Ginger


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Juicy Lemon meets spicy giner in the Green Rooibush. Delightfully fresh! Ingredients: Green Rooibush Tea, ginger pieces, orange peel, natural flavor, sunflower blossoms.


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Lemon and ginger a perfect combo., 20th Oct 2020

Reviewer: Linda Wallo

Along with Arabian Nights tea, this tea is also a favorite. A lovely blending of lemon and ginger. Aroma is pleasant and the flavor is delicious.

My favorite!, 17th Apr 2020

Reviewer: Marian Lawlor

I love this tea. It’s caffeine free so I can drink it all day if I want. It’s good hot or cold and needs no sweetening for my tastes. Highly recommend!

One of the best teas I've ever had, 2nd Apr 2014

Reviewer: Tarik Meziab

This tea is awesome. It tastes and smells like a sugarless version of a Sierra Mist without the carbonation. I always drink this at night, as I believe it is naturally caffeine free (I could be wrong). Its delicious, five stars.

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