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Royal Samovar


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A blend of Ceylon, Chinese and Indian teas with the mild notes of smoke and spice favored by the nomads. Its flexibility in the cup makes it ideally suited to service from the icon of Western tea culture, the Samovar.

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Classical day tea mix - either you like it or not., 21st Sep 2021

Reviewer: Sergey Malgin

It is Russian tea mix, designed to be drunk without cream or sugar. This is why it is not very strong and have nice flavor. Some people like it, some people don't. It's ok.

Easy black tea, 18th Aug 2020

Reviewer: Stephanie Martin

This is a fine black tea that is good without cream or sugar, but it's a little on the weak side. It's great for an afternoon cup, but I need something stronger for my wake up morning tea.

Russian Samovar, 19th Feb 2017

Reviewer: Carole Nelson

A great good morning tea. A little bit more flavorful and sturdy than just a simple English Breakfast tea. One you drink al day long.

interesting blend, 8th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Suzette Lenzen

A mild black tea with hints of spices that do not overwhelm the taste buds.

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