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Sleep tight Tea


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Sweet dreams are yours with the calming, light citrus embrace of lemon balm and lemon grass.

Ingredients: Lemon balm leaves, blackberry leaves, lemon grass, cornflower blossoms, rose blossoms and hop blossoms.

40 Grams Per Box

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Sleep tight Tea, 23rd Mar 2016

Reviewer: Careen Loewenstrom

We love this one. It's taste is very flavorful, subtle and the honey in the aftertaste is fantastic. All of the flavors melt together and still very mild. The best herbal Tea of all so far. It kicked Pitta from it's throne.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Very calming, 18th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Stephanie Crow

I was not crazy about the packaging this came in I found the outer box great but the plastic that held the tea to be a little flimsy, that was an easy fix though I just stuck it in a zip lock. The tea itself is very flavorful yet subtle at the same time. I always enjoy a nice cup of tea before bed and it's not over powering in any way. All of the flavors meld together to ease you into a restful sleep. The recommended time on the box is 5-10 (if i'm not mistaken) but I found I like to brew it for 3 times then enjoy a second cup with the same leaves brewing the same amount ofttimes. the 5+ minutes was a little much for me, though I will say I enjoy my tea a little weaker than most.

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