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Sumatra Oolong Barisan Organic


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This delicate, high quality Oolong from Indonesia is comparable to quality jade Oolongs from Taiwan. Skilled processing and high-altitude cultivation delivers a fragrantly floral, jade-green color. The cup offers a mild grassiness that gives way to lush, buttery floral hyacinth and vanilla notes sure to make a lasting impression on your palate.

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hi guys i am new on web, 29th Oct 2019

Reviewer: rardquaph rardquaph

hi :) bross :)

A treat for teatime, 30th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Maura High

Sometimes, one fancies a complex, fragrant tea--and this is it. No added flavors, just the natural flowery fragrance of the leaf, underpinned with delicate dry woody and caramel flavors.

Gentle but Lasting, 7th Oct 2014

Reviewer: Tom Liberman

I have enjoyed this tea immensely.

I wouldn't recommend it for people who haven't developed a discerning palate yet, it's very subtle up-front.

Sit, gently sip, and let the flavor build. If you like your tea to sneak up on you rather than hitting you over the head, this is a tea you should try.

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