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In the Ayurvedic tradition, the Vata dosha requires the sweet holistic calm granted by licorice, ginger, and anise. Also rich in coriander, a traditional herbal remedy for anxiety.

Ingredients: Licorice, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, anise and mallow blossoms.

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Ladies: best tea for difficult cycles!, 10th Jul 2019

Reviewer: Grace Dolton

A bit of a note for my lady friends who have a hard time with their cycles. I'm sure this tea is good for other things- my friends regularly ask if they can have some of my special tea because it's delicious and calming- but the main reason I'm never without it is that I have never found anything that gets me through the emotional rollercoaster of PMS and the cramps and migraines of my cycle except for this tea and essential oils from similar plants.
I was walking in downtown Chicago on a trip one day, about to double over with a bad case of cramps and migraine, when I saw this tea shop and went right to the counter to ask what blends they had for hormones/cramps. This was one of the recommendations, and I have been eternally grateful to this company ever since.
As I said, independent of this purpose, the delicious flavors (I notice the licorice the most) and the blueish green color of the tea makes a delicious, cozy, calm tea that everyone I have introduced it to has enjoyed.

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